Will it rain in Utah on Wednesday?


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – We got there on Wednesday everyone! We’re not going to see some of our cooler temperatures for the rest of the week thanks in large part to the humidity we get and the low pressure system moving inland over the Pacific Northwest. .

It will also help channel moisture from southern Utah where we wake up to see a few possible showers, and then to northern Utah at the end of the day. The atmosphere takes a while to get wet, so some of the early storms may be dry.

This is a concern for forest fires, which is why we are seeing red flag warnings in place for the entire state and the Grand Basin.

Northern Utah, eastern Nevada, and southern Idaho will be in the 90s with a mix of sun and cloud. Southwestern Wyoming will experience mid to high 80s peaks with partly cloudy skies. Central and southern Utah expect to see another day of highs in the mid-80s to 90s thanks to cloud cover and rain. Yes, we just said rain, get pumped!

This evening the clouds and showers continue to move north, meaning we may be able to witness some showers activity overnight, helping northern Utah see more rain. build up Thursday. The lows will be slightly cooler, hitting around the 60s and 70s for almost everyone.

In short, we see some relief from the heat and maybe some rain setting in for us.

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