Utah weather stays warm through September

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Hey, Utah! August may be ending soon, but instead of seeing temperatures that are more reminiscent of September, we are heading in the opposite direction, and it will look more like July going forward. That’s thanks to a stubborn high pressure ridge that will bring mostly dry skies and higher heat.

Over the next week, we will be close to, if not above, records statewide, including the Wasatch Front and Salt Lake City. Daytime highs will be around 3-5 degrees warmer today than yesterday for the most part, with St. George hitting around 105, Salt Lake City hitting 99, and even Cedar City and Logan will likely see highs between low and high. mid-90s. mostly sunny to partly cloudy across the state with only a few higher ground locations seeing brief pop-ups.

For the rest of the week through Labor Day weekend, record high temperatures are expected as high pressure remains in place. From Thursday to Saturday, there’s a good chance we’ll see a high of just over 100° in Salt Lake, between 101 and 103°, and if we get there, we’ll break the all-time high in Salt Lake City for the month. September since the current record is 100°. It also means we will add to the current record for most triple-digit days in a year in Salt Lake City.

Another thing to mention is that with high pressure in place our air quality probably won’t see drastic improvements resulting in moderate air quality for most places that measure, mostly for ozone , but in Salt Lake and Davis counties, Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to fall into the unhealthy category for sensitive groups, so keep that in mind! Tuesday will also be foggy due to smoke from neighboring states.

As we turn the page early next week, the high pressure will likely lose some of its strength as a trough puts a dent in the armor. This should allow temperatures to drop slightly, but being a week away it’s just something to watch for now, so stay tuned!

Conclusion ? ! A hot and mostly dry regime for late August and early September.

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