Utah flash flood warning, floodwaters hit Paragonah



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Flash floods are affecting parts of southern Utah, with several warnings and advisories surfacing following severe thunderstorms.

The abundance of moisture and energy in southern Utah makes some of these storms severe with heavy rain over an area for an extended period. The storms moved south to southwest, and while central Utah was active this afternoon, storms lashed over populated areas of southern Utah this evening.

A flash flood warning over Brianhead Burn Scar is active for several hours, along with warnings affecting Zion National Park and the towns around it.

Severe storms hit Cedar City and St. George, prompting severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings. The storms dropped from half an inch to over an inch of rain in areas, sometimes hail for half a dollar and wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour.

Jesse Harris was able to capture this video of flooding in Cedar City and shared it with ABC4 News.

Colleen Robb captured this video, below, in Paragonah, Utah, and sent it to ABC4 News.

Robb’s first video shows a typically dry creek inundated with water, mud and debris. The flowing water washed away an inflatable pool along the path that can be seen washing the edge of the creek.

Robb’s second video, taken 15 minutes after the first, shows the bridge she stood on to take the first video, with water and mud cascading over the bridge and spilling into the streets of Paragonah and in the alleys and the gutters of the residents.

These videos are a testament to the fury of these severe storms and show how powerful the monsoon season can be in the state of Utah. Flash flood watch remains in effect for the Southern Mountains, Lower Washington County and Zion National Park until 10 p.m. Sunday. Storms are also forecast this week. For the latest forecast, click here.


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