Stormy weather makes its way into northern Utah



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Another kind of stormy day here in northern Utah as we have showers and thunderstorms hanging around the high elevations and mountains this afternoon.

These areas will have the best chance of heavy rainfall given all the moisture in our air and the mountains helping to get that little extra pressure to produce these heavy storms.

As the day goes on, we also cannot rule out a stray thunderstorm in a valley as we have a lot of moisture and energy in the atmosphere.

In southern Utah, we finally see a break from all the thunderstorm activity of the day with only the possibility of seeing a few isolated thunderstorms related to the higher terrain.

The abundance of humidity also does wonders for our temperatures as we stay around our seasonal average throughout the hive state. Temperatures will be around the 90s with only triple-digit heat in extreme southern Utah.

Overnight we continue to see cloud cover above us as we continue to see patchy showers in very few areas. The lows will also be near and around the 70s for us again.

In short, northern Utah has its turn with storm activity as we see more monsoon humidity rising.

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