Southern Utah Weather


SOUTH, Utah (ABC4) – The rain we were hoping for in southern Utah is coming, but it can also come with severe weather.

Most of Washington County and part of Iron County are at marginal threat (level 1/5) from severe weather.

What does this mean in terms of storms?

Below this threat level, we would expect storms to become strong enough to create one-inch hail, produce wind gusts of up to 60 mph, and if the atmosphere is right, a possible tornado could. form. Lucky for us, our main threat out of the three will just be the strong winds and hail.

Another threat we face is the possibility of flash floods caused by more severe storms that dump copious amounts of rain. Given the drought conditions, the soil will have a hard time absorbing much of the water.

Areas such as dry washes, slit canyons, burn scars, and urban areas can expect to see the possibility of these flash floods.

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