Smoky skies are finally clearing up in parts of Utah



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As we continue our Wednesday, we’ll finally see much better air quality across most of Utah.

Our westerly flow, which brought all the smoke from our west, has now been cut off thanks to a new high pressure system settling over the Grand Bassin. This means that we will see less smoke hanging out throughout the day.

This will dramatically improve air quality to levels we haven’t seen in days. Thanks to the high pressure system, we will also be hot this afternoon and evening as we will see most highs in the 90s and even lows of 100 in southern Utah.

Sunshine will also be plentiful as we expect a mixture of cloud cover ranging from mostly sunny to partly cloudy throughout the hive state.

Occasional mountain showers are expected in southern Utah in the late afternoon and evening. If you want to dine outside or just enjoy the better air tonight, you can plan not to need a sweater.

As night approaches more clearance is expected as we will again see clear skies and lows around the 60s and 70s for a cooler evening.

In short, better air is catching on and giving us a much needed break from the smoke.

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