Is it going to rain in Utah on Friday night?



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – We’ve finally arrived at the end of the week! We continue to have the threat of showers and storms for Utah and the rest of the Great Basin.

Flash floods are still possible in some areas due to these strong slowly moving storms. This will be the trend that will continue to happen for us over the next few hours with the Wasatch Front stepping into the action – and they won’t be dry, hopefully.

This is in large part due to the high pressure system pulling moist air from the Gulf of California, better known as the North American Monsoon.

We missed our old friend, and he’s now back, helping to maintain seasonal temperatures in southern Utah and seeing slightly warmer days in northern Utah.

For the remainder of the evening we can expect to see a nice, slow recovery after seeing highs in the 90s for the most part.

Our overnight lows will always be on the warm side, hitting around the 60s and 70s for most areas.

In short, welcome to the monsoon! Afternoon and evening showers will be on the menu for the rest of the summer.

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