Hot start of summer for Utah



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The start of the official first day of Astronomical Summer will be hot.

A repeat of Father’s Day is expected in the Grand Bassin as we don’t see much change in our time. Thankfully, thanks to our overnight lows that eventually cooled some and our cooler highs, we’ve dropped all heat alerts.

But we still can’t get rid of the red flag warnings that remain for almost all of Hive State as the winds start to pick up. Only parts of the Wastach front and the Salt Lake Desert are not under red flag warning for Monday.

Northern Utah, eastern Nevada, and southern Idaho will again be low to mid-90s with plenty of sunshine. Southwestern Wyoming will also experience low peaks in the mid-1980s with abundant sunshine. Central and southern Utah expect to see another day of highs in the mid-90s and high of the 100, but not as high as in recent days. Cloud cover won’t be too much of a concern, but a smoky and hazy sky will still be present given the proximity of the area.

The problem of fires is always important to all of us, even if we are not in the spotlight thanks to dry fuels everywhere.

In short, a more “more pleasant” day is planned for the first day of astronomical summer, but this is in relative terms compared to last week.

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