Flash flooding, smoke and storms are expected in Utah on Sunday



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Happy Sunday everyone! We continue through the holiday weekend under flash flood watch in southwest Utah and as we saw on Saturday those storms are serious.

Storms are expected to start around the afternoon hours after we have seen some clearness in our sky. This quick release should give us the boost of energy needed to unleash the storms.

The abundance of humidity and energy in southern Utah can make some of these storms not only heavy, but also almost violent.

In northern Utah, westerly winds continue to bring smoke-filled air in addition to being dry. This will reduce both our chances of rain and the air quality throughout the day.

Humidity in southern Utah and smoke in northern Utah will help keep temperatures near the upper 90s with a few areas hitting triple digits. We always expect to be warm given that it is a late July day.

Our highs for tomorrow will be around the 90s for the most part, while our lows will stay near the 70s overnight.

VIDEO: Flash floods hit southern Utah on Saturday

In short, another weather day in southern Utah as we expect to see more monsoon storms that can lead to flash floods.

A flash flood warning is in effect near Cedar City after a thunderstorm dropped more than half an inch of rain over the area. The warning remains in effect until 5:30 p.m. MT.

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