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TLC’s flagship reality TV series Sister Wives is set to premiere its 16th season on November 21, 2021. As fans await an update on the current state of the Brown family, all eyes are on the fragile relationship between Kody and his first wife, Meri , especially considering the recent medical examination of the first. diagnostic.

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Sure, Sister Wives joins a rich tradition of reality TV shows exploring legal polygamy in Utah, as well as free-spirited polyamorous romances and marriages outside of the Hive State. If such a topic turns out to be appealing, use your wisdom and tune into the various reality TV shows that boast a similar principle of polyamory.

ten My Five Women – Stream on Discovery +

The Williams family poses for My Five Wives

Following the success of Sister Wives, TLC deployed My five wives three years later. The show chronicles the life of Brady Williams and his five wives and 24 children, who all live together under one roof near Salt Lake City.

Just like Sister Wives, the Williams’ invite viewers into their home to offer a candid look at their supposedly controversial lifestyle, which slowly reveals their unconventional progressivism. However, overwhelmed by the large number of dependent children, a multitude of marital and parenting problems ensue in the most dramatic way imaginable.

9 Seeking Sister Wife – Stream On Fubo

Danielle, Garrick and Roberta pose for Seeking Sister Wife

Bearing a similar namesake, TLC’s Seeking sister wife is a spin-off show that looks at the lives of three distinct families in various phases of the dating process. The goal for each couple is to prepare for and warmly welcome a new fiancé into their home, which often results in jealousy, rage, mistrust, and heated arguments among the three participants.

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With three seasons to date that matter, the series has all the hallmarks of what makes Sister Wives attractive. It’s scary and fascinating at the same time, full of scripted and natural drama, and tries to really capture the allure of living in a committed polygamous kinship.


8 Polygamy, United States – Buy on Apple TV +

A man poses with his two wives on Polygamy USA

Produced by National Geographic with a very serious tone, Polygamy, United States takes a revealing look at Mormon fundamentalists living polyamorous lives in Centennial Park, Arizona. The 6-part series is a thought-provoking tale of the Cawleys, Hammons, and Thompson’s, all of whom struggle with various aspects of their religious way of life.

Praised for being much more educational than operator and entertaining than a TLC reality show, Polygamy, United States depicts the darker side of living with multiple spouses and how tenuous such life situations can be.

7 Wife Swap – Stream on Paramount +

Woman poses with her new family on Wife Swap

Antidate Sister Wives at six years old, exchange of women is a popular and whimsical reality show that allows two married candidates to switch places for a week. Attached to a new husband very different from theirs, they must live peacefully and acclimatize. After two weeks, all parties involved meet for the first time and talk about their experiences.

One way or another for nine seasons over 16 years, exchange of women is an escape fantasy that may not have the lasting consequences of some of the other polygamous reality shows, but it does manage to explore the domestic challenges of acclimatizing to a new environment with a new partner.

6 Spouse Swap: Meet Your New Mom – N / A

Unhappy couple clash in Trading Spouses

In a premise almost identical to that of ABC Swap wives, swap spouses: meet your new mom was produced by Fox in 2004. The series follows two families from different socio-economic backgrounds with the woman swapping places. The guest mother of each family decides how to spend the allocated $ 50,000 allowance.

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With a tone more overtly kitsch and comical than even Exchange of wives, exchange of spouses is trashy reality TV at its finest, offering salacious glimpses of what’s going on in the hearts and minds of philander lovers open to new experiences.

5 Escape Polygamy – Stream on Discovery +

Two women pose side by side in Escaper Polygamy

For a more poignant caveat about the seedy side of polygamy leaders in the church, tune in to the A&E reality show. Escape from polygamy. The show details the unfathomable experiences of Andrea, Jessica and Shanell Christensen, three sisters who have found the courage to flee a polygamous sect in Utah.

Praised for being as authentic as possible without the need for scripted drama, the series chronicles how impressionable young minds can be psychologically manipulated in ways that seem healthy but are deeply damaging, and just how much the Fundamentalist Mormon Church and apostolic of the United Brothers is in the process of becoming an accomplice. .

4 Escape the Prophet – Buy on Apple TV +

A man searches for directions with his family in Escaper The Prophet

After Escape from polygamy, to try Escape the Prophet. Although much more scripted than the former, the latter takes the next logical step in attempting to legally bring down the cult leaders of the FLDS, the most organized Mormon religious organization.

TLC’s five-part reality show follows Flora Jessop, a former FLDS member who breaks free from her brainwashing grip and makes a determined effort to end the church’s rule of influence, especially her polygamous dogma and its reach among young people.

3 Three Women, One Husband – Buy on Apple TV +

The Morrisons pose together in Three Wives, One Husband

Brag about the reverse premise of Sister Wives is Three wives, one husband, a six-part docuseries set in Rockland Ranch, a polygamous community in Moab, Utah. The series follows 14 polygamous families living in houses carved out of rocky buildings.

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In particular, two European families attempting to live in a plural marriage are followed to the ranch for a year, detailing their lifestyle adjustments and evolving compatibility with each other. Taboo topics are treated with compassion and honesty, making this one of the best reality shows about having multiple partners

2 90 Day Fianc̩ РStream on Discovery +

John and Fernanda pose for 90 Day Fiancé

When it comes to TLC shows about women, it’s impossible to avoid including the massive hit series 90 day fiancé and its countless spinoffs. While it doesn’t explore polygamy per se, the series questions the notion of marrying the right person for the right reasons and the monumental consequences of making the wrong decision.

The show follows couples who marry to obtain a visa allowing them to legally reside in the United States for 90 days. Once the time is up, the couples must decide if their love is true or if the international party should go home alone. Without the hottest reality show out there, 90 day fiancé is quickly becoming one of TLC’s best shows of all time thanks to its heartwarming couples.

1 Extreme Love – Stream on WE TV

A man sits on a bench with his two wives on Extreme Love

Extreme love is a reality TV show that chronicles all kinds of weird taboo romances, including several instances of polyamory and plural marriage. At its core, the show challenges the notion of traditional romantic relationships and celebrates those who find love where and with whom they can.

An episode of Extreme love tells of a pair of sister-brides welcoming a new addition to the family, while another features a couple adding a third wheel to their lives as circus performers. Sister Wives fans will have a blast with this show.

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